TIP Junior

Dear Student,

We are so pleased you have come to the Technology Innovation Pioneers and we know that YOU are the future with all your bright ideas!

We would like you to think about the three challenges posed for you and choose the one that means the most to your life today.

Together with your best friends, your whole class or with your parents can talk about the subject,
do your research and come up with ways to solve the matter in your everyday actions!



Childhood Obesity

How should we combat children becoming unhealthy?
Is particular way to prepare healthy food for it to be more interesting?
Is it educating kids of all ages that there is a difference between an apple and a lollypop?
or is it something completely different?



Water Desalination Technologies

Can you help build material that will guide and give awareness about the energy spending’s in your everyday actions:
Turn off the lights when you exit the room, close the water when you brush your teeth, and don’t buy more food than you consume Help make the message clear for others and actionable in their every day lives as well as your own!



Single Use Plastics

Plastic is made from oil, which is a resource that is both finite and plastic is currently hard to reuse come up with ways to avoid using a plastic bag just once, Or what can we do to change the habit of drinking from a plastic bottle just once before it is thrown away and even better: what can you re-use the old plastic for once it’s done with its first task?