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TIP is a leading program to create global impactful technologies and innovations, shaping the future of pioneers.

Technology Innovation Pioneers, the leading program in creating global impactful technologies and innovations will host an innovation platform in the property sector.

TIP PROPTECH will incorporate smart services and applications, setting in motion the digital innovation to address the needs of the property industry. It will focus on impacting the real estate sector with the current trends, discussing the best practices and challenges in adopting technologies such as AR, VR, blockchain, and fintech amongst others in advancing property development and management in the real estate sector.

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What is Proptech?

PropTech refers to the use of any means of connected  technology including software, hardware, cloud-controlled machinery or electronic based design, evolution and operation process in real estate and construction industry. It is an umbrella term that encompasses concepts such as smart buildings, real estate fintech, shared real estate and implementation of construction technology in real estate. The advances of Information Technology (IT) and the introduction of FinTech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, smart devices, etc. in real estate has led to the emergence of PropTech. It has revolutionized the real-estate industry and leads to reduction in cost and resources associated with real estate lifecycle, enhanced efficiency, time saving and improvements in the way the industry fund , design, construct, buy, rent, sell and manage residential and commercial property.

TIP program is launching this challenge to address the local, regional and global urgent needs to develop more efficient industry lifecycle by decreasing the risks and increasing the potentials in a coherent process to enhance an essential human product.


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Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Property operations and maintenance refers to the monitoring, control, and oversight of physical assets within a building. O&M solutions are required that can collect and analyze data related to the operations and maintenance of various devices and equipment installed in a building, and provide insights, required corrective actions and predictive and prescriptive analytics to property managers and facility operators. Such solutions assist the users by providing control of facilities and installations, their status and estimated life, error-reports, energy usage reports, water usage reports, reminders for inspections, notifications, etc.

Smart Buildings

A smart building is one that uses internet of things to interconnect various systems of a building to make it more efficient. IoT, AI, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning play an important role in automating the buildings by using sensors and data gathering devices. This may include IoT based technologies which bring efficiencies in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems of a building.

Real Estate FinTech

Real Estate FinTech describes technology-based platforms which facilitate the trading of real estate assets. Online/software-based platforms enable transactions such as buying, selling, lending, mortgaging, loan, renting, payments, crowdfunding, etc. related to real estate between different parties. Further, use of blockchain can revolutionize the way transactions are made in real-estate industry by eliminating fraud and counterfeiting, thereby instilling trust among the involved parties.

Land Acquisition and management solutions

Real-estate developers find it difficult to locate a land-site for their projects and acquire the most appropriate land that would be the best for them for acquisition and construction of residential or commercial buildings. To make the process of land acquisition and management efficient, there is a need for a solution that can manage all land acquisition related activities and consolidate all land-related data into a single system. This may include a geographic Information system and Management Information System which can be used to manage, update and monitor land related data and information.

Open Ideas

This category would encourage any entry outside the above four main challenges and aims to solve predicted future problems forecasted by developers, construction experts, construction lifestyle partners including: designers, engineers, contractors, real-estate brokers and agents, community and facility managers and regulatory entities.  This category encourages both challenge owners and solvers to submit their applications.




  1. Solvers and Innovators

Individuals and teams can register and submit solutions for one or more category. This entry is open for applicants age 14 and above.

  1. Challenge Owners

This category encourages property and construction industry stakeholders to:

  • Register as a challenge owner for any of the categories
  • Post new challenges for the global innovators and solvers ecosystems to seek innovative solution for certain challenges that can enhance the global industry ecosystem.

A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. It provides the patent owner with the right to decide how – or whether – the invention can be used by others.

The idea should fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Technology-Based.
  2. It has to be Inventive.
  3. It has to be a novel.
  4. It has to be proptech related.
  5. It has not been disclosed to the public.

Subject Matters which aren’t patentable are Plant varieties, animal species, biological methods of producing plants and animals Diagnostic methods, treatments and surgical operations needed for humans and animals Scientific and mathematical principles discoveries and methods Invention that may lead to a violation of the public order or morals. Guides, rules or methods followed to conduct business or perform mental activities or play games Applications that are not augmented applications

Any global participant, commercial organization, academic institution and government organization with a healthcare innovative: You need to provide evidence of:

  1. Ownership of the healthcare project.
  2. Prototype in Technology Readiness Level (TRL) stage of 5 or higher is a plus.
  3. The right to commercialize the project.
  4. The right to disclose information in respect of the project.

The participant with ideas that are not patentable may apply for a proof concept. These ideas may include:

  1. Lack of novelty.
  2. Obviousness.
  3. Lack of industrial applicability.
  4. Cannot be patented.

You should also proceed with a proof of concept if you already have a patent and want to turn your project on paper into a tangible, usable device, concept or technology.

If you are a startup you should fulfill the following criteria:

  1. An innovative healthcare & health-tech idea.
  2. A technology-based company.
  3. It is preferably established in the market between 1-2 years.
  4. Has obtained a patent or run a POC.


The submitted solutions will undergo multiple stages of screening and analysis by the program  analysts, industry experts, challenge owners, jury, prior solvers peers and awardees as well as TIP sponsors to determine the finalists in each challenge category. Each entry will be judged according to the following criteria:

Strategic relevance to UAE:

The proposed solution should be addressing the main tracks, pillars and sectors of the UAE National Innovation Strategy.

Challenge Fitness:

The applicants submit their solution for challenge(s) published by challenge owner. This parameter is used to indicate the degree to which the submitted solution maps and overlaps the challenge, i.e., the extent of relevance of the solution to the challenge.

Stage of Development (TRL level):

Using a scale from 1 to 9 with 9 being the most mature technology, the team of analysts will estimate technology maturity of Critical Technology Elements of the evaluated program during the acquisition process. TRL will be used to examines program concepts, technology requirements, and demonstrated technology capabilities.

Validation of technology and market:

This criterion aims to scale the evaluated program from the marketing adaptivity point of view. Using the slandered market hierarchy validation, the program should clearly demonstrate the proposal Letters of Intent, Industry Experts (C-level, BD, engineering) Customer surveys, End User opinions, Third Party recommendations and Personal Beliefs & Experiences.

Strength and experience of project team:

The individual(s) involved in the implementation of the business idea are important. The individual(s) should demonstrate/possess relevant skills, contacts, and experience, or indicate how any gaps in skills and expertise will be addressed. The individual(s) should be persuasive in communicating the business idea and its potential.

IP ownership and protection:

This category scales the demonstration of formulating a clear and practical strategy to manage and protect your IP and aligning this with your business plan is key. The IP strategy aims to keep innovation confidential, protecting the trade secret, and applying for patent timeline to ensure the business owns the IP rights in the materials it pays for.

Quality of POC plan/Start-up sustainability:

This parameter is analyzed based on the business model, plan for successful operation of a business, identification sources of revenue, intended customer base, products, and details of financing.

Uniqueness & Novelty (to be considered based on prior-art and market search analysis):

Uniqueness and Novelty indicate whether there are new and differentiating unique features offered by the solution in comparison to existing prior-art (patent and non-patent literature) and products/services already present in the market.

Solution Effectiveness: This parameter is used to assess the capability of the solution to produce desired result. It is based on the level of accuracy and efficiency of the solution in mitigating or solving the target problem or challenge.



TIP is looking for the following candidates who can solve important challenges in the UAE through breakthrough innovation. To be eligible to apply for monetary and in-kind awards, applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • An individual, organization, startup, innovator, entrepreneur or a student anywhere in the world.
  • Have developed or theorized a technology that addresses the TIP challenges.
  • Should be willing to relocate to UAE and the invention should be brought to UAE for development and patent protection.

Entry Language

The application form and documents should be submitted in English. In case any certificate is issued in a language other than English, please provide an English translated version of the same along with the original one.

Application Evaluation timeline and process

  • The successfully submitted applications will undergo an initial compliance screening to shortlist applicants for interview stage.
  • Interview takes place online with program Analysts. Instructions and guidelines will be circulated to shortlisted applicants before the interview week.
  • Confirmation of interview date and time will have a deadline, any confirmation from applicant received after the given interview deadline will not be considered.
  • Additional documents requested during the interview should be emailed to the program manager on a given timeframe, failure to submit the same will lead to rejection of the application.
  • No show for the interview and rescheduling due to any reasons will not be permitted.
  • Applicants are expected to be prepared for the interview and to be able to answer/provide the invention description, pictures of prototype, regulations approval documents, cost estimate of one unit or service and a business model, level of development of the invention, application areas, use cases, published/granted patent documents, etc. The applicants may be asked, during the interview or later, to provide additional details and/or documents related to their application.
  • The interviewed cases will be analyzed based on the information provided during the interview and the submitted application and supporting documents against various parameters such as innovation in technology, relevance to UAE, development level, patent status, market need, challenge fitness, etc.
  • The shortlisted applications will be discussed within a committee/panel of challenge owners, Abu Dhabi DED, experts, analysts and stakeholders, and the applications will be shortlisted further if they fall under the selection criteria of the panel.
  • The applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application along with the next steps.

Intellectual Properties

Ownership of intellectual property rights of the work created and achieved within the scope of TIP program, such as ideas and prototypes (including all interim results and preliminary stages, hereinafter “Work Results”) remain with the Participants.

By submitting the Work Results, the Participant confirms that he/she is not aware of any intellectual property rights in or associated with the Work Results that are owned by third parties or may prevent commercial exploitation of the Work Results.

Further, the applicant is expected to have clear and documented ownership of Intellectual Property rights and agreed share of IP implementation and exploitation (e.g., commercialization, licensing, usage, selling, etc.) if more than one parties (e.g., inventors, universities, corporates) are involved and/or associated, in any way, with the intellectual property asset. The applicant may be asked to submit such documents to the program.

Application Requirements

  • The application and documentations must be in English.
  • The applicant must fill out the entire form. Partially completed applications will not be accepted.
  • Only applications submitted through the platform will be considered.


The applicant is expected to have clear and documented ownership of rights associated with the entity/organization/start-up with regards to business, revenue, profit, loss, commercialization, licensing, IP exploitation, selling, etc. if more than one parties are involved and/or associated, in any way, with the entity and its tangible and intangible assets. The applicant may be asked to submit such documents to the program.

Challenge Awards

The submitted solutions will undergo multiple stages of screening and analysis by THE PROGRAM analysts, experts, challenge owners, jury, etc. and will be supported either in the form of funding, co-developing, providing office space in Abu Dhabi, marketing, partnerships or providing expertise and resources, etc., as would be decided by the program team, challenge owners and other associated parties. All successful applicants will receive the following

  • Certificate of Participation: All participants will receive a program participation Certificate and will be invited to participate in program Summit.
  • Mentoring: Develop your business idea with real estate professionals.
  • Acceleration: Access to workspace and requisite resources in Abu Dhabi.
  • Funding: Financial support to help grow your project.
  • Pitch Opportunity: Meet with investors on program Deal Day.

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