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May 2019

Developments on the Healthcare Protection Technology Technology never stops. Every day, the world’s best innovative researchers and engineers come closer to discovering new technology that will benefit humankind. Inventions arise in every industry; some of them are groundbreaking, while many others are innovations on existing technologies. Mostof the notable developments are in the healthcare sector. Developments in Healthcare There have been many rapid advancements in the healthcare, specifically in the field of assistive technology. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) website, their funded researchers are developing devices for people with hearing and speaking disabilities.…

April 2019

Top Countries Filling Patents for Ocean Conservation Increasingly people are becoming more aware of the issues affecting the environment. Therefore, governments and leading innovators have increased their efforts to innovate and create technologies that could help to protect and conserve the environment. In recent years, the advent of drone/UAV Technology have attracted significant attention and is now set to expand and be utilized to improve the system in the area of ocean conservation around the world. Top Patent Filing drone companies are moving towards this application area of Drone. Different applications of Drone in ocean conservation are as follows: Monitoring…
April 1, 2019